Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I'm having more eureka moments reading Jeff Atwood's Effective Programming: More Than Writing Code, than my average trip to the dunny.

This last one got me though, man.  I feel like a dumb-ass.

Work's been difficult the last few years, I've been uber inspired for the company to do great things but every time I suggest something I get excuses - or agreement but nothing comes of it.  So begrudgingly, in a very "I told you so" manner, I started to do the hard yards myself (which has been really cool actually, it's lead to some interesting stuff), but ultimately I'm the little red hen when it comes to getting any help.

Then Jeff came into my life, albeit in the form of a $2 blog to book (best damn money I've ever spent).  The gold nugget I found was that my approach sucked.  I was turning my frustration against the team which I realised wasn't working but didn't see a way through.  The trick, apparently, is to care about the people I work with and want to help them.

I do, for true, but I lost my way.

So yeah, this rings true for me.  And it's something I don't need to fake.

Whether this gets the team pulling together or not's the next question, but first thing's first: sort myself out first before trying to sort out others.

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