Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blogging velocity has slowed somewhat. Probably because there was so much code to post on my Rx Framework attempt I ran out of gas, then we had a baby. So bugger it, I wont post nothing on it and continue as if I wasn't going to.

So, I'm on the deck bbqing some chicken with a beer and laptop.  What to post?

I'll reflect on work. Fun times.

Over the last several years I've been building an Ajax UI framework for porting Windows applications to the web.  The first version only worked in IE and I've been working on the next version which will, theoretically, work in all browsers. But now a client is paying to have the first version work in FireFox and Safari as well.

I can't say I mind this too much and it (touch-wood) is turning out to be easier than I though.  Although I realise the devil is in IE6.

First step: Consistent look in IE7+, FF and Safari. Get everything looking the same- it doesn't have to be pretty but if all browsers start with the same foundation that isn't too bad, it can be improved from there.

This turned out easier than I thought by using the strict doctype and a good CSS reset. Removing any -moz- styles and the odd JavaScript fix for FF.

Second step: Consistent behaviour.

Third step: Carefully get it working in IE6.

Fourth step: Make it pretty.

My chicken is burning.

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