Thursday, May 21, 2009

PlayStation 3 Durability - My Dispute with Sony

I use to be a Sony fan-boy. Sad but true. My PS3 was my pride and joy until it broke down 21 months after purchase and Sony refused to fix it.

New Zealand consumers are protected by the Consumer Guarantees Act, which states that goods must last for a reasonable amount of time. Warranties tend to be a lot less than this, so most of them are a pointless. Some companies, like Noel Leeming, try to sell you extended warranties which is criminal - consumers are already covered.

So I'm in the court room with Sony on Monday.

What's a "reasonable amount of time"? An excellent article from Consumer, lists reasonable times for many appliance and can be used in hearing such as mine. Computers should last 5 years according to this.

It's a bit of a hassle really over $375 but I've had less that professional dealing with Sony over this dispute and it's become a matter of vengance. I'm also asking for an apology for a breach of the Fair Trading Act when one member of their staff told me that the terms and conditions of purchase overrides the Consumer Guarantees Act. The staff all had Australian accents, which might explain things a little.

Will post how it goes... fingers crossed.

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